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EYSA Administrative Volunteers

Volunteerism is a major foundation of the league.
EYSA always seeks and welcomes volunteers. For information, please contact our Appointments Committee Head, Neil Porto. He has available job descriptions for the positions.

Administrative Volunteers

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Officers and Board

Position Name Phone Email
Executive Board President Dino Leva 582-0064
Executive Board Vice President Bill West 917-578-4467
Executive Board Secretary Gil Alberto 525-2727
Executive Board Treasurer Tom Torre 779-5559
Executive Board Sgt-at-Arms Rob Rizzo 779-5340
Referee Director Jack Langstine 552-0529 jclref@verizon.net
Registrar Jerry Fischoff 472-3196 esoccer@verizon.net
Volunteer Coordinator Neil Porto 961-5383 nporto@optonline.net
Junior Div. Co-Commissioner Jason Kanner 914-433-7666 jkanner109@gmail.com
Junior Div. Co-Commissioner Peter Gennuso 917-658-9893 peter.gennuso@thompsonhine.com
Ref Assignor-Jr. Div. Carlo Pollicina 914-202-8797 carlopollicina@yahoo.com
Sr. Div. Co-Commissioner Michael Savarese 914-714-5614 mikesavarese@verizon.net
Sr. Div. Co-Commissioner Mark Redman 652-7525 mredman@hearst.com
Ref Assignor-Sr. Div. Neil Daly 202-7689 nwdaly@yahoo.com
Upper Div. Co-Commissioner Bill West 917-578-4467 bwest63@verizon.net
Upper Div. Co-Commissioner Guilio Faustini 804-7801 lfaustini@hotmail.com
Upper Div. Co-Commissioner Lucian Spatoliatore 917-837-2648 lspatoli@gmail.com
Ref Assignor-Upper Div. Jack Langstine 552-0529 jclref@verizon.net
Co-Commisisoner Girls Brendan Lynch 395-3970 lynch.b.g@gmail.com
Co-Commisisoner Girls Tom Torre 779-5559 tom.torre@novartis.com
Co-Commisisoner Boys Osvaldo Martinez 914-447-0907 oss24kva@hotmail.com
Co-Commisisoner Boys Rob Rizzo 779-5340 robrizzo@hotmail.com
Tournaments Coordinator * * *
Travel Registrar Denise Addorisio 682-7808 dja109@aol.com
Score Reporting-Travel Diana Quintero 582-3575 dianamarqg@hotmail.com
Parade Coordinator Jean Marie Lebrini 779-4933 jlebrini@aol.com
Webmaster Jerry Fischoff 472-3196 esoccer@verizon.net
Director of Fields Tom Torre 329-9345 tptorre1@optonline.net
EHS + Jarvis Bowl Fields Doug Thompson 652-7308 dougthompson@gmail.com
Tuckaohoe H. S. Field Adam Kozak 793-9886 askozak@optonline.net
Greenvale Elementary Field Tom Torre 329-9345 tptorre1@optonline.net
Parkway Oval Field Robert Freeman 646-391-1134 rfreeman@proskauer.com
Anne Hutch Field Paul DiFucci 725-3008 defooch@aol.com
Dunwoodie Field * * *
Director of Equipment Brendan Lynch 346-7678 lynch.b.g@gmail.com
Field Permits Dino Leva 582-0064 eysatravel@gmail.com
EYSA Plus Program Rob Rizzo 779-5340 robrizzo@hotmail.com
Risk Management Bob DiGaetano 797-8295 bobd@indybrokers.net
Coaches' Survey Donato Vaccaro 417 -7373 donatovaccaro@yahoo.com
Sunshine Fund Kristen Nello 961-7366 mkn7_1@netzero.com
Trophies Mike Cinquemani 330-3190 mike.cinquemani@gmail.com
Trophies Lisa Onorato 610-9517 onorato8@msn.com
All-Star Night Coordinator Kathryn Urbina 840-4235 kathryn.urbina@gmail.com
Picture Coordinator Margaret Kim 779-2313 212margaret@gmail.com
Social Media Director Lou Nash 917-767-5678 lcnash2010@gmail.com
Bookkeeper Richard Bertoncin 874-4152 eysasoccerbooks@gmail.com
Red Bulls Outing Neil Porto 961-5383 nporto@optonline.net

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