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EYSA Travel Team Tryouts


Tryouts are generally held in the spring. Additional tryouts may be held if a new team is planned to start in the spring or to fill roster spots during the year.

The selection process is under the auspices of the trainers, coaches and several senior members of the EYSA. Every effort is made to be impartial and to choose the best players. There are times when the small differences between players makes the selection process difficult.



How are the age groups determined?
The "soccer year" is determined by FIFA, the international governing body for soccer. July 31st is the cutoff date for each age group.

Do existing travel team members have to try out?
Yes, these tryouts are important for the coaches to see a player's development from year to year. Failure to attend at least one of the tryouts will be construed as a decision not to continue with the program.

What do I bring to the tryouts?
Parents of children not already in the EYSA Travel program should bring a copy of a birth certificate or other government-issued proof of birth date (passport, for example) that we will keep throughout the registration process. Players should bring a ball, water to drink and a positive attitude!

Must a player attend both tryouts?
Strictly speaking, no. However, the more chances that the evaluators see a player, the better the analysis of the player's skills. If we feel that we do not have enough data to form teams after the scheduled tryouts, we will have a "call back" tryout for those whom we need to take a further look.

What is the process?
New players will need to provide their contact information and present their proof of age. They will be photographed for their WYSL player pass. Players on existing teams will need to check in with their coach at the check-in tent so that we know they are continuing with the program.
Once the players take the field they will perform some individual drills that display their skills dribbling, trapping and passing the ball. From that point on, they will break into groups of two or three to determine their abilities in game-like action. For Travel candidates U11 and under a second session will take the form of a scrimmage.

Who will be evaluating the players?
Professional trainers from Allegra Training and experienced coaches from the EYSA will make up the evaluation team.

What is the process after the tryouts?
After the scores are compiled, the Commissioner will meet with the coaches for each particular age group and form teams. The teams will be based on the level of talent available and the needs of the head coaches. The rosters of existing teams will be revised based on the talent available and the input of the coaching staff.

When will we know if our child made the program?
For U9 players, the third week of June. From that point on, on-line registration for incoming U9 teams will be opened. For older age groups, notifications are typically not made until the conclusion of the spring season which is June 20th. Registration must be performed on line, and payment must be by credit card. The registration deadline is June 30th. The fee structure is shown in the Program Information section.

I'm interested in being a coach or volunteering for the travel program in other ways. Whom do I contact?
Osvaldo Martinez at oss24kva@hotmail.com or Rob Rizzo at robrizzo@hotmail.com for boys' teams;
Tom Torre at tom.torre@novartis.com or Brendan Lynch at lynch.b.g@gmail.com for girls' teams.

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