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What is the EYSA Travel Soccer Program?
EYSA takes enormous pride in its travel program. It's an opportunity for boys and girls to enjoy and learn the sport at a competitive level. Our teams are coached by professional, licensed trainers chosen based on their ability to communicate and teach the fundamentals of the sport. EYSA Travel believes in a long term strategy of player development in order to retain children playing soccer at a competitive level through their high school years and beyond.

Is my child ready for the Travel Program?
If your child enjoys playing soccer and your objective is to give him or her more training, he or she is ready to try out. This program is about developing players' soccer skills.

What is the commitment?
Once registered, Travel Team players are committed to play with that team from September thru the end of June. Moving between teams and/or clubs and/or leagues is only permitted in very limited circumstances and is subject to approval by the club president and the WYSL. EYSA will assess a $350 fee for any player who opts out of his/her commitment to help offset the additional financial burden to the other families for the remainder of the year. No refunds for any fees paid will be made.
  • 1.5 hour weekday practice with professional, licensed trainers ( Fall & Spring for 10 weeks each).
  • 1.5 hour Saturday team practice with professional, licensed trainer (Fall & Spring for 10 weeks each).
  • One Sunday game usually within Westchester County coached by professional, licenced team trainer (Fall & Spring - usually 10 games each season).
  • 1 hour weekday team practice with professional, licensed trainer at the Underdome in Mount Vernon (Jan - March)
  • Team participation in one winter indoor league (usually 8-10 games on Saturdays or Sundays throughout the winter)
  • Team participation in 1-2 tournaments within Westchester County.

We encourage children to play multiple sports, however we hope that your child makes attendance at Sunday soccer games his/her priority in the event of a conflict with another sport. Attendance at practices and games is taken and expected. Dedication and commitment is measured through attendance and attitude, and is a factor in the selection process.

How do I register my child and get more information about the program?

What is the cost?
Total cost for the entire year (Fall/Winter/Spring) will approximate $1,200 per child.
Please see Travel Fees 2015-16.docx for a detailed breakdown of costs.

Register at:  www.sportssignup.com/eastchester.start


The EYSA Travel program is designed for those players who wish to challenge themselves with more training and keener competition and are prepared to make a serious commitment to play soccer at a higher level than the recreational program. The WYSL www.wyslsoccer.org, in which Eastchester teams have participated since April 1978, consists of clubs in the Westchester County area, including parts of the Bronx and Manhattan. Players are selected to play as an Eastchester team in their age bracket in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL).

The year is broken down into two seasons, 10 games in the fall and 10 games in the spring. Players and parents need to make a commitment to practice twice a week and a game (normally) on Sunday during the season. During the winter months, there is indoor practice one day a week. Professional trainers or extremely experienced parent coaches work with each team to provide training both during the season and the winter. Skills training is primarily emphasized for the younger teams, while older teams focus more on the strategic side of the game.

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Teams in the two youngest age divisions, under 9-, and under 10-years-old play eight on a side, "8 v. 8", on a reduced-size field. Under 11-year-olds play nine to a side, also on a reduced-size field. At these younger age groups, the EYSA will field two teams at each level for both the boys and girls providing there are sufficient players who would qualify for travel teams. Rosters increase to eighteen (18) players at age 12, and players play the full eleven per side on a full field.

For U9, U10 and U11, the EYSA uses an "Academy" system. At the beginning levels of travel soccer, the focus is on developing players, not wins and losses. In fact, standings are not kept in the U9 and U10 divisions. The goal in team selection is to have evenly-balanced teams, not an "A" and a "B" team. During weekday academy training sessions with professional trainers, all teams in an age group practice together instead of with their separate teams. In that way, we make sure that all players learn the same fundamental skills and tactics. On Saturdays, team coaches work on team strategies and plays.

travel travel Travel is generally limited to within 30 minutes of Eastchester. In addition, teams will play in tournaments selected by the coach, playing teams from the tri-state area and occasionally beyond. For example, our U-9 Girls team, the Lightning, traveled to Armonk, Harrison, New Rochelle, Pelham and Rye. The Avalanche, one of our U-9 Boys teams, played teams from Larchmont, Port Chester, Somers, and Yonkers.

In addition, during the winter, most of the EYSA Travel teams play in weekend leagues in the Mt. Vernon Underdome. Practice for the fall season will begin in late August. On Labor Day, Columbus Day and Memorial Day, most of our teams participate in tournaments in the tri-state area.



Fall & Spring:
- Weekly training - (10) 1.5 hours coached by professional trainers (Any Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday).
- Saturday training - (10) 1.5 hours coached by professional trainers (Typically morning slot).
- 10 Sunday games within Westchester County, afternoon.

- One indoor session, league tournaments at the Underdome in Mount Vernon, which consist of one game on Saturday Morning (Boys) & Sunday afternoon (Girls).
- One weekly training session at the Underdome in Mount Vernon with professional licensed trainers, starting up in January on Thursday evenings (8 sessions).

- Depending on the Division & the commitment of the team, one or two (or more) tournaments within Westchester County.

soccer balls soccer balls soccer balls soccer balls soccer balls


Registration is separate from the recreation league process and must be done on-line at www.sportssignup.com/eastchester.start. There is no need for registering in the recreation league if a player has been selected for, and chooses to play on a travel team. However, if a player, for some reason, has not been notified about his/her travel selection status by June 30, he/she should register with the recreation league. Any payments would be refunded if the player is subsequently invited to join a travel team.



See: www.wyslsoccer.org
Field location information may also be found there.



The Team Manager is the liaison between the team's parents and:

Responsibilities Include:




EYSA soccer exists to provide youth players with an opportunity to learn and appreciate the game of soccer. The league is designed to be all inclusive with no prior experience or knowledge of the game required because, that is the point; we will teach the game. The goal of the program is not just to win but to instill a love of and respect for the game. Teaching the values of teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship is our highest priority.

The Code of Conduct for Parents is designed to ensure that all players have a positive and safe experience during the season. EYSA hopes to eliminate potential problems by making its expectations clear. Parents make a huge contribution to their child's soccer experience so please, let's work together to make it a success.

Be Positive. We encourage positive comments and cheers for specific plays during the games. Remember that if the players are trying their hardest and doing their best; they should be encouraged, regardless of the score. Don't forget to show appreciation for great plays by the opposition.

Don't Argue with the Referee. It is NOT acceptable for players or spectators to criticize or dispute the official UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even if the official has obviously made a mistake.

Do not make negative comments or criticisms regarding any of the players or coaches. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say anything at all. Such comments hurt team morale, undercut the coaching staff, and can often escalate into unpleasant incidents. Never say anything to players of the opposing side unless it is genuinely congratulatory!

No Coaching from the Sidelines. Do not offer specific instructions to your child or other players from the sidelines. There are many reasons NOT to coach from the sidelines. The players hate it, it is distracting, confusing, and may directly conflict with the coach's instructions. It also raises pressure on the players.

Be Kind to your Child's Coach. All concerns, input about your child, and coaching comments need to be given over the phone or in some other private manner, and should never be done during a game or practice or in front of the team. Public confrontations are always bad for the team and are extremely unlikely to produce a positive result for you or your child.

Support the Team. There are many ways to enhance the experience for your child, ranging from bringing snacks, to arranging team outings. Similarly, if you have a complaint, why not offer to solve the problem?

Be a Role Model. Please be a model of good sportsmanship for your child. Be generous with your praise, and encourage them to succeed through hard work, commitment, and teamwork.

Most parents and spectators find that following the Parents Code enhances their enjoyment of their child's games. Occasionally spectators violate the Code; most often they recognize the problem and correct it immediately. On rare occasions parents or spectators (it is your duty to ensure spectators affiliated with you or your players are aware of and abide by this code) persist in conduct which violates the Code. In such cases the following rules will apply:

1.) The parent or spectator will receive ONE warning from the coach or the coach's designee.
2.) If the offending conduct persists; the coach will request the parent or spectator to leave the field.
3.) If the parent or spectator refuses to leave the field, the coach will remove the parent's player from the game.
4.) If a player is removed from the game under these circumstances, the player may not play in future games without the prior written consent of the Board of EYSA and the parent may be subject to further sanctions at the discretion of the EYSA board.

Please share this with all family members ...
     as well as, any guest spectators attending to watch your child play.

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